Noble Heart Equine

Weak in the Knees

The sight of a fine horse can often make us go weak in the knees. Though many of us like to use that as a term as we swoon over beauty and passion, that term has a much different meaning to rider and trainer Diana O’Diear.

Being the driving force behind the training here at Noble Heart Equine, as Diana prepares for double knee replacement the team has decided to reduce prices of sales horses to lighten the load. This means an amazing opportunity to purchase high potential dressage horses at a bargain price! Our loss is truly your gain.

All of our current sales horses can been viewed at , please do not hesitate to contact the team with any questions.

Please keep Diana in your thoughts and prayers as she gears up for the long road ahead of her!

Descarado scores 60.769 at Beaujolais

Here is our wonderful Descarado RJH at his first recognized show. He placed in both his classes bringing home 4th in the Training level TOC with a score of 60.769 at Beaujolais this past weekend.

We are so very excited about his progress. Karri Russell did a fine job of riding him and has created a strong connection. Descarado is extremely intelligent and curious.

It was a great start for the young horse proving his potential to grow into a competitive dressage mount.

He will continue his training and be back to compete at Donida for the Champagne Classic in July.

Fancy and Descarado prepare for Beaujolais – Chablis

Corozon De Oro and Descarado RJH are in their last week of preparation for the first rated show of the season. Next week both horses will be on their way to Donida Farm to compete at the Chablis – Beaujolais Dressage Shows.

The Noble Heart Equine team is excited to display the potential of Iberian horses as competitive dressage mounts. Come see them in action June 14-16 at Donida Farm.

Noble Heart Equine has great success at Donida

The Noble Heart Equine team loaded up two of their young four year olds, Corazon de la Noche and Descarado, to compete for the first time at Donida’s last schooling show of the season.

Marianne Socorro and Noche, both first time exhibitors, scored a 65% in Intro Level bringing home a first place ribbon.

Descarado made his debut in Training Level with Karri Russell, scoring a 57% and bringing home a fourth place ribbon.

The team is ecstatic with the effort put in by the horses and riders, and are looking forward to progressing as the show season unfolds.

Descarado and Fancy wow at Christophe Clinic

Descarado’s second outing of the year was to Summervale Premier Dressage in Roy, Washington to attend a Christophe Theallet Clinic. He is not only stepping up to the expectations we have for him, but exceeding them.

Fancy attended the second day of the clinic, where she was able to build on the things she had been asked during the clinic several weeks prior. Every time Fancy attends clinics and shows, she wows all with her personality and potential.

Schooling at Donida

With show season quickly approaching the Noble Heart Equine team took advantage of a beautiful day at Donida to school the horses. Marianne spent the time with her horse Corazon de la Noche getting her used to the hustle and bustle of a show setting. Karri used the time to school one of the young sale horses, Descarado. Both teams had a great day and had horses who performed well beyond expectations.

It was a great first step in getting the horses prepared for the show season, and we are all excited to be getting into the dressage ring during Donida’s next schooling show on April 13th.

Fancy At Christophe Clinic

Diana and Corazon De Oro (Fancy) enjoyed their clinic time with Christophe Theallet on March 15th. This clinic was hosted at Summervale Premier Dressage located in Roy, WA. Both Diana and Fancy are looking forward to their next clinic date later in March.